Maarten has great attention to detail…

Wedding & Events by MBC has been founded by Maarten Boer (1994), wedding planner and event manager. After having succesfully completed his studies in nursing, organizing events and coming up with creative concepts continued to fascinate him. This is why in 2014 Maarten began his studies at the Tio University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, where he opted for the Hotel and Event Management course. After Maarten had successfully completed his studies and had received a lot of positive feedback about his unique way of organizing, MBC came into existence and was founded.

Maarten discovered his passion for organizing weddings on the beautiful Dutch island of Terschelling. It was on Terschelling where Maarten coordinated the first wedding of his life, a fairytale wedding party where love was at the centre of everything. Maarten wishes to be a wedding planner for not only Him & Her , but also and especially for Him & Him and Her & Her or  any other beautiful orientation. He wants the couples to be able to say ‘YES’ to eachother in all openness, honesty and trust!

Maarten: ”I would like to be that wedding planner that sees you as a beautiful couple whatever your orientation may be: Let Love Rule!”


The M stands for ‘Mogelijkheden en Mondigheid’, which is Dutch for Possibilities and Assertiveness’. MBC is an assertive organization that grabs opportunities and sees posibilities everywhere. It is assertiveness that brings out the core value communication.


B stands for ‘Bekwaamheid end Betrouwbaarheid’ which is Dutch for Skill, Quality and Reliability. MBC is reliable and competent because the working method is project-based, the team that is selected has a strong quality culture with as fundament a sound set of terms and conditions.


C stands for ‘Communication and Creativity’.

By means of assertive and reliable communication with the team better and quicker results will be achieved. The aim is blending styling, colours and theme to a harmonious unity by working creatively with the ideas and wishes of the couple as a starting point.


Maarten: “Warm summer evenings, a good glass of wine, candlelight, a hip outfit and warm company make me happy.”

Maarten, when he was thirteen, had a side job at a florist’s. This was the first place where he was able to give room to his creativity and within a year he was binding bouquets without a diploma. Colleagues said he was a natural, that he really got a feel for it. When Maarten’s cousin decided to get married, Maarten offered to arrange the flowers for the wedding. Subsequently, he arranged the flowers for many of his family and friends’ wedding parties. That is how his love for actually organizing the entire wedding started.

Maarten started gaining experience in and knowledge of  colours, styling, fashion and trends. He discovered and followed closely new developments within the fields of styling that every new year brought along. Maarten is the man of the detail: tightly folded napkins, carefully designed floral bouquets, a shining DJ booth without greasy finger stains, polished tableware and a pair of tightly pressed trousers are the kind of detail that make him happy!

In the summer of 2013 Maarten coordinated a 3-day wedding event at the isle of Terschelling and that is when his love for wedding planner solidified.

Once at TIO University of Applied Sciences, Maarten had indicated he wanted to pursue the profession of wedding planner. He was advised against it, he was told it was a difficult market to enter, it was supposed there were too many inexperienced non-graduated wedding planners out there. Maarten however was not to be swayed and performed his final thesis under the wings of a wedding planner. After succesfully completing his studies he knew for sure: this is what he wanted to do!

It is barely half past seven in the morning when for the tenth time his phone is ringing while he takes a sip from his coffee-to-go. He is heading for Amsterdam to coordinate a wedding. Having arrived, everyone is busy, flowers are being arranged, tables are laid, the sound technicians are installing their equipment. The pastry shop owner arrives with the wedding cake and the caterer is debriefing his team. Any stranger walking the premises would only see complete chaos. Maarten see suppliers, checks his script, his time table and delivered services and knows but this: everything runs by the book and smoothly at that.

Maarten’s passion is organizing, being in control and directing people in order to, entirely project-based, bring to life the perfect day. Intimate, small-scale, urban, elegant, extravagant, theme or religious? Maarten makes sure that your ideas and wishes come together and will culminate in a day where your love for eachother will shine through in every single detail!

“Very nice and valuable person. Truly our angel of salvation …”

An & Tijn

“Maarten takes you into his thoughts and creates a fantastic result …”

Lau & Lau

“Everything went smoothly and was arranged down to the last detail …”

Jen & Rich

“The day was great, thanks to Maarten and his perfect coordination …”

An & Jan